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Home Visits in Manhattan

What are some of the reasons clients choose to have a home visit?

Nipple pain (which although common is absolutely not normal), low milk production, too much milk, a baby who is not latching, prematurity, feeding multiples, feeding after breasts/nipple surgeries, feeding a baby with congenital birth defects, and sometimes just having reassurance that all is going well. 


In the comfort of your home, I will observe a full feeding. We will find the most comfortable place for you and your baby to feed and the most comfortable position for you and your baby. We will work on achieving a deep latch. I bring a scale with me which is accurate down to 0.2 grams (0.1oz). This will allow us to see exactly how much milk your baby is transferring when breastfeeding. 
We will work on identifying the efficiency of feeds, discuss how often to feed, and go over pumping in great detail. 


Based on what I observe during the session, I email you a detailed care plan.

Although I don't accept insurance, I do provide my clients with all the necessary insurance claim forms to submit to insurance. 


A consultation usually lasts about 1.5-2 hours. 


The fee for a home visit is $550. ($575 for multiples) and $500 for a follow-up ($525 for multiples). 


I continue to offer my support and allow unlimited communication between us, through email, text, and/or phone calls, throughout your breastfeeding experience and beyond.

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