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Virtual Visits

Virtual Prenatal Consultation

If you have any questions or you have concerns regarding an issue you want to discuss in-person and in-depth prior to the birth of your child, we can schedule a virtual consultation. Some issues I address are: breastfeeding following breast/nipple reconstructive surgeries, breastfeeding multiples, breastfeeding after a negative first-time experience, breastfeeding following any trauma, breastfeeding following breast cancer and a single mastectomy, breastfeeding while dealing with mental health disorders, breastfeeding and dealing with a history of eating disorders and many more. 


These consults typically last 1 hour and the fee is $300.

Phone Postpartum Consultation 

If you want to discuss your breastfeeding concerns in depth, ask questions, and discuss a plan but don’t require me to observe you feed your baby then this is the option for you.
This is also a great option for those who want to address pumping and go over pumping together in great detail.


The fee is $300 and usually lasts about 1-1.5 hours.

Full Virtual Consultation

A virtual consultation includes a full and comprehensive intake and full assessment of feeds as well as an evaluation of pumping. It requires the breastfeeding mom to have another person present to assist her during the consult as I ask the camera’s aim to change throughout the consult for the most complete and accurate assessment. After the consult, you will get a full detailed care plan tailored to your specific needs. I also provide you with complete lactation Superbill and claim forms for ease of submission.
I allow unlimited communication by phone, text, and email for the entire breastfeeding experience through weaning.


The fee for a virtual consult is $450 ($475 for twins) and is about 1-2 hours in length, case-dependent. A follow-up is $400. ($425 for twins).

Not including feeding:

If you need a consultation to address any issues you are facing that don’t require observing a feeding and pumping the fee is $250.

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